Pallet Racking MEK-3153

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Stallion Pallet Rack (Heavy Duty Racks) is one of the best solutions for warehouses
where it is necessary to keep a wide variety of products.

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MEK Steel was established in 1921 as an establishment to manufacture steel products to meet the growing industrial, financial, banking, commercial and wholesale and retail business requirements. MEK is one of the largest factories in Pakistan which can assists its clients at the planning, design, manufacture and installation of various storage racks and logistics systems.

We have a strong technical force, integrated production equipment and machinery, experienced installation team and perfect after-sale service system to undertake large-scale manufacturing of various sizes and weight capacities. The company strictly operates in accordance with the industry standard, constantly absorbing the advanced technologies in the manufacturing of warehousing systems, and continuously develops new products meeting with the requirements of our clients.

We select high-quality raw materials to manufacture and install different types of racks which are extensively used in various industries, such as the manufacturing industry, logistics warehousing industry, pharmaceutical industry, stores and supermarkets and libraries.

We are always adhering to our motto “QUALITY FIRST” and strive to provide the best products and services for all our customers.

Our Warehousing products are:

  • Pallet Racks
  • Mezzanine Racks
  • Cantilever Racks
  • Light Duty Racks
  • Heavy Duty Racks
  • Very Narrow Aisle Racks
  • Drive-in Racks
  • Mobile Racks


The pallet racking is used to store unitized pallet cargo, and is equipped with stackers and other storage and transportation machinery. The high-rise shelves are mostly monolithic structures, which are generally fixed by steel profiles (with pallets), connected by horizontal and vertical tie rods and beams. Pallet racking systems are the most widely used in ready to ship cargo. They are used with forklifts and are free to pick up any cargo in any position.

The Pallet Racking system has a large span and high load. The span (length) of the pallet rack is mainly determined by the size of the pallet. Generally two pallets can be placed on each shelf. Due to the high load bearing requirements of pallet racking, there are special requirements for the stability of pallet racking system. The tray feet must be fitted with ground expansion screws to ensure the stability of the shelves. The number of shelves can be determined according to the height of the warehouse and the height of each pallet.

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About MEK

MEK (Mulla Ebrahimji Karimbhoy Pvt Ltd) is the leading provider of quality steel products since 1921. We are a customer-centric, full-service organization involved in the production and sales of banking, office and industrial steel furniture and storage equipment, supplemented with engineering, project management and installation services. Please visit our website at for a full range of our products and services.

To ensure that our products and services consistently meet customer’s requirements, and that quality is consistently improved, our organization is also ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems certified. Focusing on the continued development & growth of its business means that today, MEK is the market leader in steel products and storage solutions. Our goal is to help you.


Spread of over approx. 50,000 sq. ft. our manufacturing facility situated at the in the heart of the industrial hub of Karachi, 23km from Karachi International Airport. It is fully equipped with advanced machinery including hydraulic metal benders and cutters and an in-house powder coating plant enabling mass production with improved quality, resulting in products that meet the international standards. Starting off with a humble beginning in 1921, today we are what we are because of the confidence that our clients have placed in us. This trust is a source of great strength and encouragement for us.