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MEK Pakistan – Fire Rated Metal Door – Double Door

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MEK Doors offers wide range of different high security doors designs; 30, 45 & 90 minute fire resistant doors; storerooms doors, industrial doors; forced entry resistance doors, and more, all manufactured as per international standards. Our Doors meet the needs of highly protected residential, commercial and institutional buildings and locations. The forced entry-resistant doors and bullet proof doors are manufactured at MEK DOORS with the most advanced production lines, establishing new standards for high security doors, At MEK, we continue to adapt our products to each customers’ needs: security, safety and design requirements.

Fire Risks

During any fire, the safety of occupants and precious property remains the prime focus of any doors installed at the location. Steel doors play a vital role in keeping people safe and minimizing property damage during any fire. MEK manufactures Steel Doors as per NFPA-80 standards that can withstand 450°C fire for up to 3 hours.

  • Three-hour (180 minutes) doors: A door with a 180’ fire protection rating is usually found in walls that separate buildings or that divide a large building into smaller fire areas.
  • 1-1/2-hour (90 minutes) doors: Doors rated for 90’ are commonly located in stairwells, or other enclosures of vertical communication through a building. They also occur in boiler rooms and in exterior walls that have the potential for severe fire exposure from the outside of the building.
  • One-hour (60 minute) doors. 60’ rated doors are used in walls between rooms.
  • 3/4-hour (45 minute) doors: A 3/4-hour rated door is found in walls of corridors and room partitions. A door with this rating may also be located in the exterior wall of a building subject to moderate fire exposure from the outside of the building.

Take advantage of the achievements gained through a century of experience. By using MEK Steel doors, you are assured decades of quality, protection and safety. All MEK Steel doors meet NFPA-80 Standard and are strictly in design, production and service according to UL 10B & UL 10C requirement. Install MEK Steel doors with complete confidence on safety. In addition, MEK metal doors offer an exquisite appearance. This is particularly important where it is necessary to fit doors with varying dimensions on the same floor of a building. Offering both appearance and optimum fire protection, MEK meets the requirements of architects as well as construction companies and authorities. On this account MEK metal doors are best suited in industrial and public buildings, apartment compounds, hospitals and at airports.

MEK multi-purpose doors are a hallmark for high reliability and long-term value in a wide range of internal and external applications. These construction elements offer long-term functional reliability due to high quality materials and precision manufacture. As steel doors, they can be used in all those areas where robust door solutions are required: in industrial buildings, commercial enterprises, public buildings and agricultural sectors. Regardless of the scale of the construction project, MEK is able to provide an individual solution to satisfy all your needs.

The MEK range of fire performance doors has been specifically designed to meet the requirement for prolonged fire resistance for periods of up to 240 minutes. The range of metal doors have been manufactured to BS 476: Part 22: 1987 and BS EN 1634-1: 2008 allowing 60, 120 and 180-minute performance. The Steel doors can be offered with many options including louvers, vision panels and over panels. There is a wide range of range of ironmongery to suit budgets and function.

These metal doors are available as Fire rated, Emergency Exit, Acoustic (Rw = 32dB) or Security doors.
The MEK steel door has been positively assessed to BS 476: part 22: 1987 to provide a fire resistance performance for integrity of up to 180 minutes.


MEK Fire-rated Door Specifications:

  • Heavy Duty, Front Gauge Steel sheet as per rating.
  • Rockwool filled within door thickness.
  • Widths up to 4’0″, Height to 8’0″to meet clients’ size requirements.
  • Double Door Configurations available for width above 4’.
  • 45-75 mm Door Thickness.
  • Heavy Duty Door Closer.
  • Reinforcement Clips and/or Channels for Glass Cutouts.
  • Factory Applied Anti-Rust Primer (Color as per clients’ requirement).
  • It is recommended that finish paint (top coat) be applied after installation.
  • Standard Lock.
  • Door specifications up to 4 hours fire resistance available.
  • Manufactured to meets with NFPA 80, NFPA 252, UL 10B, UL 10C standards.
  • Size: – Single doors will be a 44mm thick door leaf to suit a clear opening of up to 1200mm wide x 2850mm high (maximum surface area 3.5m²)
  • Face: – 1.2mm galvanized steel interlocked to the back face and fixed on the top and bottom edge of the door blade, standard RAL color range of the customer’s choice.
  • Sub frame: – 2mm folded galvanized steel u-channel to perimeter of door and three channels vertically positioned over the width of the door blade.
  • Back: – 1.2mm galvanized steel interlocked to the front face and fixed on the top and bottom edge of the door blade, standard RAL color range of the customer’s choice.
  • Frame: – 1.2mm galvanized frame options: Clamp/Wrap-around – suitable for panel and stud applications Fixed single or double rebate frame for block work applications.
  • Gasket (s): – Smoke seal pre-fitted to the internal rebate of the frame to BS476: Part 31.1 and BS EN 1634-3.
  • Hinges: – 3 – 4 Number template drilled CE marked and tested to EN 1935 : 2002 Grade 13 or 14 in satin stainless steel, shrouded or concealed bearing type fitted to each leaf.
  • Closer: – Dorma TS72/TS83/TS93/ITS96 or equivalent.
  • Vision panels: – DDA compliant (Part M): Single unit 1340mm x 152mm clear vision Twin unit 711mm x 152mm & 457mm x 152mm Non-DDA: Square unit 457mm x 457 mm Rectangular unit 305mm x 203mm
  • Glazing: – 8mm 180 minute fire rated
  • Kick plates: – Stainless Steel Brush finish – standard height 200mm (other heights available to order)
  • Finish: – Standard RAL color range, paint finish 30% gloss (matt) minimum 40 microns Pre-finished steel – 1.2mm


At MEK, we have the manufacturing capabilities to meet all requirements that meets customers’ satisfaction. At our manufacturing facility at Korangi Creek Industrial Park, we can manufacture +200 Steel doors of various sizes and ratings. Our technical team of highly professional workers carries out installation of steel doors at costumers’ site.

Company Profile

About MEK

MEK (Mulla Ebrahimji Karimbhoy Pvt Ltd) is the leading provider of quality steel products since 1921. We are a customer-centric, full-service organization involved in the production and sales of banking, office and industrial steel furniture and storage equipment, supplemented with engineering, project management and installation services. Please visit our website at for a full range of our products and services.

To ensure that our products and services consistently meet customer’s requirements, and that quality is consistently improved, our organization is also ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems certified. Focusing on the continued development & growth of its business means that today, MEK is the market leader in steel products and storage solutions. Our goal is to help you.


Spread of over approx. 50,000 sq. ft. our manufacturing facility situated at the in the heart of the industrial hub of Karachi, 23km from Karachi International Airport. It is fully equipped with advanced machinery including hydraulic metal benders and cutters and an in-house powder coating plant enabling mass production with improved quality, resulting in products that meet the international standards. Starting off with a humble beginning in 1921, today we are what we are because of the confidence that our clients have placed in us. This trust is a source of great strength and encouragement for us.